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Sizing for Click-It Utlity Harness from Sleepypod





Sleepypod Clickit Dog Safety Harness - "Three Point" Seatbelt

The Sleepypod Clickit Harness recently underwent and passed testing by the Center for Pet Safety. The "CPS" rated it their top pick for dog safety harnesses. Revolutionary in design, Clickit Utility is the first dog safety harness to incorporate three-points of attachment to absorb force in a frontal collision by dissipating energy and keep the dog in the car seat during an impact.

Clickit Utility is similar in concept to the three-point seatbelt federally required in all vehicles. Straps enclosed in Clickit Utility's broad, padded vest hug the upper torso of a dog to absorb forward movement, while belts anchor the lower torso and reduce forward and lateral movement. The three-point design that secures the dog in its space diminishes the opportunity for collision with parts of the vehicle and passengers, and reduces the chance for traumatic injuries associated with one-point dog safety harness designs that either catapult a dog's upper torso forward into anything in it's path like front seats, passengers, and even windows, or submarine the dog meaning to catapult the dog's lower torso forward into anything in it's path.

Unlike traditional one-point dog safety harnesses, Sleepypod Clickit Utility's unique three-point design reduces damaging forces and keeps the upper and lower torso controlled and restrained. Upon impact, breakaway slide buckles and shoulder adjustment straps are designed to break or slide to decrease damaging forces by decelerating the force while the dog remains restrained by the primary harness structure. The harness structure's primary seat belt webbing and hardware absorb the shifted and decelerated force. In combination, the wide-webbed harness structure and vest promote even distribution of force across the dog's chest to lessen the chance of injury. A combination of tethers and shoulder belts create a synergistic effect to hold the dog securely. All critical safety components were static tensile tested and determined Clickit Utility's strength classification to be superior strength.

The SleepyPod Harness was put through stringent safety tests to include dynamic crash testing and the static tensile testing of all critical safety component; strength classification was determined to be superior strength.

Sleepypod's Clickit Utility's three-point design is intended for use in the rear passenger seat. This three-point application was crash tested in the same frontal crashes that ensure the effectiveness of child safety restraints, the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 213.


• Three-point design for use in rear passenger seat secures a dog's upper and lower torsos
• Three-point design is adjustable to two-point anchor usage for use in vehicle cargo area
• Broad cushioned vest
• Strength tested, automotive grade materials and hardware
• Can be used as a walking harness
• Easy clean vest is made of luggage-grade, ballistic nylon
• Four sizes address a broad range of dog sizes and shapes




Available in:
XS: Black, Orange, Red
S: Black, Orange, Red
M: Black, Orange, Red
L: Orange, Red



Using the AllSafe tether with your harness:

NOTE: The manufacturer recommends for optimal safety, attaching your seatbelt directly to your Allsafe Harness. However, if you prefer to give your dog more room to move in your vehicle it is strongly advised to keep the tether to the shortest length possible which is 6".


Allsafe Harness Instructions

Allsafe Car Harness

Allsafe Car Harness

The All Safe Harness comes with one short tether (the safer option), addition tethers may purchased separately in either the short or a longer length

Additional Short Tether - Fixed 6" option

Additional Long Tether - Adjustable 7"-17"

AllSafe Seatbelt Dog Restraint Car Safety Harness

The AllSafe Dog Vehicle Harnesses is German engineered to be superior to other products on the market not only to restrain a dog during transport in a vehicle but also to offer protection in the event of an automobile collision. The Allsafe Dog Harness has been crashed tested both in Germany and US and met or exceeded prescribed child safety standards. Collision tested with a dog dummy at speeds up to 30 mph. One of the only crash tested/ crash-test certified dog restraint harnesses /seatbelts in the USA. There is no substitutes for quality performance and safety standard engineering. TUV- certified to resist pressure up to a ton.


Allsafe Harness Instructions

Child Safety Test Parameters




Allsafe Click & Roll Dog Safety Belt System

The Click & Roll is an automatic dog seat belt system that works direclty with your vehicle's seat belt anchor, as opposed to the seat belt strap like other dog vehicle containment systems. Designed to be used with the MIM Allsafe Seatbelt Harness, the Click & Roll Safety Belt offers optimum comfort and protection. Simply snap the belt reel in the buckle of the vehicle. The extra strong metal clip and swivel allows the harness to anchor in seconds. Ideal for long journeys: The retractable line allows a dog to pull the line out upto 27" so your dog has the ability to stretch freely. In the event of a jerk caused by a sudden impact or collision, the Click & Roll will lock up, preventing your dog from being thrown forward. The belt is made of polyester that is 2" wide .05" thick. It is extremely durable and can withstand a tensile load of 1102 lbs. Closures and mechanics are made of solid metal. The cover is made with heavy-duty black plastic designed for easy clean-up.

  • Connects to seat belt buckle rather than seat belt strap for greater stability
  • Closures and mechanics are made of solid metal
  • Covered with wipeable heavy-duty black plastic for easy cleanup
  • Used ideally in conjunction with a harness

Single cage with plenty of space
The cage is safe and very practical. Space is left for other items. In a few simple adjustments the depth of the cage can be adjusted to the size of your car.

Double cage with crumple zone and detachable mid-section
When you carry two dogs in the car, they should sit separately and not be able to reach one other. The mid-section easily adjusts sideways if one of the dogs needs more space. If you have a large dog or if you want to give a single dog more space, the mid-section is easily detached. The cage can easily be “tailor-made” for the car by the owner.


Mim Variocage - Vehicle Crash Tested Dog Crate

Why choose Variocage?

  • Mim VarioCage is the only dog travel cage on the market today that has been tested in both frontal and rear collisions. It has also been in a drop test which simulates a rollover with a car. The crash tests have been made by the Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

  • Mim VarioCage is adjustable in depth. This means you can adjust the depth for the trunk. This can be a great advantage if you change your car as it makes the cage more flexible.

  • Mim VarioCage is lockable with a key. Pet owners also have the ability to lock the cage with a padlock.

  • Mim VarioCage has an escape hatch. It is very helpful if you need to get the dog out after a collision where the cage will not open or if you have lost your keys.

  • Mim VarioCage is delivered with a ribbed rubber mat that you can put on the bottom of the cage. This mat is resistant to urine and to collecting dirt.


Petego Pet Tube System


Pet Tube Car Kennel Pet Tube Comfort Pillow

Pet Tube is a lightweight but super-strong fabric kennel that provides a smart and stylish solution to travelling freely with your pets. It comes in a useful tube shape in 2 sizes, the larger of which can be used partially at one or two thirds of its total length, thus solving space problems on the back seat. Can accomodate two pets at the same time.

Small: (18 x 18 x 18 inches ; 2.9 pounds)

Large: (47 x 24 x 24 inches ; 8 pounds) Backorder


The Pet Tube Comfort Pillow is a dense foam pillow provides added comfort for your pet while traveling in the Pet Tube. The large comfort pillow comes in 2 pieces so that you can still use the large Pet Tube in its compact version.



MIDWest SUV Side by Side Solutions Series Crate

Perfect for SUVs, Vans and other large vehicles the Side by Side Solution Series by MidWest is made specifically for transporting dogs in vehicles.

MidWest has developed the Side-by-Side Solution Series crate specifically for traveling in SUV's and other large vehicles. With a side door the crate is perfect for the back of any large vehicle.

  • New Double Door design for easy access!
  • Folds "Suitcase Style" in Seconds for Easy Portability
  • Safe & Secure Slide Bolt Latches
  • Tough, Easy to Clean ABS Plastic Pan
  • Independent Pan-Stop Allows Pan Removal with Door Closed
  • Include Comfortable Plastic Carrying Handles


Medium - Solutions Series-Side-By-Side Double Door Black Poweder Coat-36" For Dogs 41-70 lbs. Size: (36"L x 21"W x 26"H) Weight: 33 lbs.

Large - Solutions Series-Side-By-Side Double Door Black Powder Coat-42" For Dogs 71-90 lbs. Size: (42"L x 21"W x 30"H) Weight: 40 lbs.


Kurgo Skybox Dog Car Seat!

A True Dog Car Seat and Dog Booster Seat in One!

A soft window seat for your pup, that isn’t your lap!

Take a load off while driving – and put it in its own special seat. All too often we see those little pups riding in people’s laps; happy, head out the window, tail wagging with excitement. But this just in…mini Fido in your lap is not a safe way to drive.

Instead put them in their very own plush space, where they can enjoy a nice window view; while tethered to the seat of course. In the front or in the back, your pup is just a safe reach away. You can focus a little more energy on the road with a little less cute puppy distraction. Mini Fido can enjoy his seat, riding in complete and comfy luxury while smiling at the other drivers. This is definitely a win-win for all parties involved! See below for more cool features and benefits.

  • Holds up to 30 lbs
  • Washable padded liner keeps seat fresh and clean
  • Metal supports for structural integrity
  • Collapsible for easy storage when not in use
  • Installs quickly and securely
  • Adjustable tether easily attaches to any dog harness
    and keeps them in their seat.



Pet Gear Large Car Booster Seat

Pet Gear's Large Car Booster offers your favorite little one the ability to stay comfortable and secure without impairing your driving abilities. This sturdy yet cozy booster seat utilizes your car's seat belt system to secure the seat in place. Comes with two tethers to keep your animal in place, and has removable cover and pillow for easy machine washing. Perfect for dogs up to 25 pounds. Available in Tan, Charcoal, or black.

  • Sturdy foam with soft micro suede cover.
  • Tether can be attached to pet's harness to keep them comfortable and secure.
  • Removable plush pillow provides comfort.
  • Booster is easily attached to car seat.
  • Cover and pillow are machine washable.
  • Interior dimensions: 18L x 13W x 3H


Dog Back-Seat Barrier

Keep Fido in his place

Shield that arm rest! We know what it’s like to drive while trying to fend off a furry head; or whole furry body for that matter.  Never mind the beating the front of your car takes, like when you run into the store and come back to find you know who drooling on the steering wheel.

Here is where the Backseat Barrier™ comes in. Super stylish, this cloth barrier attaches to the back of your front seats creating a soft wall between you and Fido…blocking that little space above your center console. He can still sit and peer through the mesh top; you can even reach back for a scratch if necessary. Most importantly this barrier helps to keep you distraction free while driving, and keeps your pup safely out of the front of the car.

Like all of our products, this one is versatile and simple to install and remove. See for yourself how just a tiny bit of separation makes you a better puppy parent and driver. 

  • Protects passengers and cargo from roaming dogs
  • Protects dog from launching forward during quick stops
  • No need to remove when passengers or cargo are in backseat
  • Front seat stays clean of dog hair
  • Universal fit for most vehicles from a compact to a SUV (does not accommodate 2 door cars or minivans)
  • Simple installation / removal
  • 600 Denier Polyester and leather trim

SUV Cargo Liner Kurgo Pet Cargo Cape

The Kurgo Cargo Cape covers your back.

We all worry about protecting our car seats, but what about the cargo area of our vehicle? Kurgo has designed a unique Cargo Cape that not only protects your interior, but it provides extra storage space, a comfortable spot for Fido with his needs in mind, and a bumper flap to keep you clean as well. Whether you are loading up or just taking a seat, the Kurgo Cargo Cape makes your active life with Fido a little less messy.


  • Universal fit
  • Machine Washable
  • Bumper shield with reflective trim
  • Waterproof
  • Textured waterproof rubber bumper guard and jump zone for less sliding in the car
  • Split zipper
  • Mesh pocket for leashes, wet towels or dog trash
  • Piped edges to keep dirt and water from rolling off cover onto carpeting
  • Inset water bowl holder to keep bowl from slipping

Intended Use:

  • Station Wagon, SUV or Mini-van (backseat or cargo area)

Product Size:

  • Universal Fit
  • Open: 52w x 62L
  • Packed 7w x 3.5d x 14h

Wander Hammock Vehicle Backseat Cover For Dogs

Enjoy every road trip with the Kurgo Wander Hammock!

Who could say no to a pair of soft floppy ears and droopy eyes? Who could bear to leave that sad furry face behind? Not us. Even if it means slobber on your arm rest, muddy footprints everywhere and dog hair smushed so deep into your seats that they start to take on a new color.

So we developed a solution for this dirty problem. Whether you drive a shiny new one or are holding on to that old zippy little four door (which may not be so easy on the eyes but gets amazing gas mileage) the Wander Hammock is your car's new best friend.

Save a few dollars on interior cleaning and seat repair. Cover up and protect the front and back of your seats with this simple waterproof hammock design, while keeping Fido safely confined in his area - not in your lap - or shifting you into park when you are driving down the highway - or falling to the floor - or licking and jumping on your passengers.  Check out the other great features below that make this one a must have. We won't steer you wrong.

  • Six attachment points to keep hammock in place
  • Can be used as a hammock to keep your dog from falling to the floor or as a seat cover
  • Waterproof, washable and stain resistant
  • Velcro closure openings allow you to incorporate seatbelt and child seat use
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Made of a 600d polyester with a PVC backing
  • Includes water bottle, carrying case and not to mention a great little dog design extra
  • Available in khaki or black


Short Bi-Fold Dog Car Ramp

The Pet Gear Travel Lite Bi-Fold Pet Ramp allows your dog easy access into your vehicle or other hard to reach places. The tread is skid resistant even when wet to keep your pet steady. The bottom of the ramp has rubber grippers to maintain its position. This lightweight ramp folds in half and has a carry handle for easy transport and storage. Sage.

Capacity 200 lbs
42L x 16W x 4H

  • Skid resistant surface provides a sure step whether wet or dry.
  • Easy fold for compact storage.
  • Convenient handle for portability.
  • Rubber grippers on bottom help keep ramp steady.


folded ramp

Telescoping Dog Ramp

This super quality telescoping dog ramp is German engineered to be the most simple and sescure ramp available. Compact, lightweight and non-slip. The three fold designed is fullly collapsible. High quality aluminum is rustproof. "Super grip" tread for secure footing. The tread is skid resistant even when wet to keep your pet steady. The bottom of the ramp has rubber grippers to maintain its position. This lightweight ramp folds in half and has a carry handle for easy transport. Height: 29"- 64"(L) x 16cm (W). Weighs only 11 lbs. Holds upto 187 lbs

Full Length Tri-Fold Pet Ramp

The Pet Gear Tri-Fold Pet Ramp allows your dog easy access into your vehicle or other hard to reach places. The tread is skid-resistant even when wet to keep your pet steady. The bottom of the ramp has rubber grippers to maintain its position. The Tri-Fold design reduces storage space and has a carry handle for easy transportation. Chocolate/Black

  • Slip resistant surface provides sure footing.
  • Easy fold for compact storage.
  • Attached handle for portability.
  • Rubber grippers on bottom help keep ramp steady.
  • Holds up to 200 lbs


Variogate Universal Dog Cargo Gate

Transform your cargo area in to a spacious and secure environment for transporting your pets. When used with a cargo barrier, such as our Universal Traffic Guard, the Variogate will create a safe and secure containment area for your loved ones. Now available in North America for the first time! Designed, engineered and produced by MIM Construction AB in Sweden, manufacturer of the world’s only Crash Tested Dog Crate – the Variocage.

  • Secures animals and cargo
  • Fits most Station Wagons and SUV's
  • Allows maximum use of cargo area
  • Adjustable in height, width and length as well as the slope of rear door
  • Lockable doors with gas hydraulics
  • Made of high quality powder coated steel
  • Installs easily with included cargo straps
  • No modification to vehicle required
  • Short and Long dividers are available as an accessory
  • Leash hooks included

Variable Height: 24.40 - 37.79
Variable Width: 37.59 - 44.09
Variable Length: 32.28 - 51.18

NOTE: Should be used with a Safety Barrier installed on Rear Seats for maximum security and protection. Recommended for use with our Universal Traffic Guard - (Not Included).


Variogate Cargo Barrier Center Divider

The Variogate Center Divider is designed to be used with the Variogate (sold separately). The divider panel allows you to physically split your cargo area into two equal parts.

  • Installs easily with included cargo straps
  • No modification to vehicle required

Variogate Center Dividers come in two sizes, please select the size the best  suites your vehicle




dog barrier



Universal Cargo Barrier - Dog Vehicle Cargo Barrier:

Universal Dog Guard is made to the highest standards! More space for your dog and / or luggage in the trunk! Secure attachment to the headrests of the front seats or rear-seats. High-strength security holders on the headrests. Adjusts to any angle and seat can be folded down! Individual angle adjustable. Best protection against corrosion: all parts are powder coated.



Above: Installation Hook


Variocage Roll Matt

The Roll Mat protects your dog while also protecting your vehicle from scratches and dirt and helps prevent your dog from slipping when entering and exiting the cargo area of your vehicle. Connects easily to the tie down hooks in your vehicle's cargo area. Storage case with carrying strap and hooks for installation are included.




Roll Mat































































































































































































































































































































































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